E Capital Limousine Services

E Capital Limousine has an excellent status in the limousine service industry. Our company is equipped with A fleet of close to 75luxurious vehicles, A Centralized 24/7 Concierge Call Centre and A dedicated team of drivers.

E CAPITAL Limousine provides a one stop transport services to clients, bringing them to their desired destinations on time and arrive relaxed. We stand above the competition and established a reputation providing excellent customer service in the luxury transport field. We provide impeccable services catered to your needs traveling in style, at ease or simply enjoying the ultimate luxury during the journey.

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We have accomplished this
by creating win-win strategies



We pride ourselves on providing the best bespoke luxury car experience with safety, service excellence and convenience as our key priorities.



To be the Market Leader in the industry, we are laying out some of the foundations of service excellence in which will be diligently followed by industry players.

Our Awards & Certification

E Capital Limousine places a large emphasis and focus in delivering customer excellence simply because the customers we engage in are usually of status with high expectations. We strongly believe that our services can add-value to and provide a totally bespoke experience to your selected guests. E Capital Limousine has without fail delivered an inimitable level of consistency and reliability.

It’s easy to call our 24 hours concierge!

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